William Ricketts Sanctuary

Hey everyone! This (belated) post is mostly about a super cool place that I discovered with Rachel from @small_soy¬†at the start of this year, but also it’s about how cool the internet and my Instagram friends are!!

Rachel and I had been DM-ing each other for a while and decided to meet up while she was in Melbourne. I knew she was outdoorsy and liked nature, and was trying to think of a cool place we could go and hang out. By chance, a link popped up on my Facebook feed about a place called William Ricketts Sanctuary, and so I decided that this is where we were going on our first friend date.

I was nervous, as I’m shy and usually pretty anti-social. BUT it turns out, Rach is an amazing human who has lots in common with me and we got along just fine. Also, if you live in Melbourne (or you’re visiting), get your ass down to this place because it’s a very unique place that I feel is not very well known.


William Ricketts was a guy who spent a lot of time with Aboriginal communities in Central Australia, and he believed that Australians should adopt Aboriginal philosophy and respect mother nature and the Earth. He created this sanctuary, which contains over 90 sculptures depicting Aboriginal people, by carving at the rocks and trees throughout the property. Anyway, the pictures speak for themselves I think.


Rachel and I had a great time exploring and taking photos together in this tranquil, green place. We’ve since caught up again in Adelaide when I passed through and I hope we get to see each other again soon ūüôā


[outfit deets: nice martin celine jumpsuit // decjuba t-shirt (old) // converse hi-tops]

What’s the coolest place you’ve been lately? Let me know!

Stacy x