Zero Waste Beauty Australia

As a ‘blogger’, (clearly not a very famous one, but I do some social media influence), I’ve been really taking a step back to look at my consumption habits and whether they align with my values. I am often preaching to my family and fiancรฉ about recycling, and I try to bring my own shopping bags, often striving to reduce waste. Recently, I’ve discovered the ‘zero waste’ movement which aims to live without rubbish and excess trash. This is something I e seriously looked into, as well the concept of living cruelty free.

Zero Waste Beauty Australia is a small beauty business that’s ticking allll the boxes. Thalia is a young 20-something year old who started making all of her own beauty products after being unwell and seeking a way to help her body recover, and hence ZWBA was born! She hand makes and packs all of her orders, which are in recyclable glass jars packed in cardboard, with biodegradable tape! Super impressive imo.

I tried out their chocolate face scrub – check out the pics below.

Not only did the face scrub smell AMAZING, it felt really nice on my skin too. It’s was quite dry so I had some bits of the scrub fall off my face, but it was gentle and soothing on the skin, and not rough or grainy like a lot of other scrubs I’ve tried. I absolutely love Zero Beauty Waste Australia and its concept, so I’m definitely looking into trying some other products, definitely the hand made toothpaste is on my hit list.

I honestly believe in reducing the amount of waste we as humans produce, as the figures are very scary. I want to look after the planet, and it may seem like a small effort but it all adds up.

If you want to check out ZWBA you can visit them at their website or on Instagram @zerowastebeautyaustralia ๐Ÿ’˜๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿผ

Stacy x


Smoothie o’clock

Lately, I have been obssessed with smoothies for breakfast. I’ve been making them every morning when I get up, and sometimes even after I go to the gym. There are so many good things about smoothies – they are so easy to make, tasty and healthy too! Not to mention that you can really get creative with it too.

Here’s the recipe for the dairy-free smoothie I made this morning, it comes in two “layers”.

Layer 1
– 1 banana
– handful of frozen bananas
– 2 tablespoons of chocolate protein powder (optional)*
– dash of almond milk
– bit of water

Layer 2
– 1 banana
– 2 nectarines
– spoonful of LSA (optional)**
– sprinkle of toasted muesli
– almond milk (add as much as you need)

Basically you just cut up the ingredients, mix and add more water/almond milk to thin it out if necessary, and blend all together! Then pour and ta-dah!!

A delicious and nutritious meal which is good for your tummy ๐Ÿ™‚

* I find adding the protein powder keeps me fuller for longer
** LSA is a mix of linseed, sunflower seed and almond crushed up, adds texture and protein.

And guys, you can substitute any fruits in you like (I recommend always having at least 1 banana) – you can use strawberries, mangoes, kiwis, pears, peaches…the list goes on!

x Stace