Dusk is my favourite time of day – it’s the cusp between afternoon and evening, when shadows start to lengthen and everything starts to slow down and unwind. There’s a reason they call it the “golden hour” and it’s not just because of the soft lighting that we get when the sun starts to set. Though that indeed is a perk and why I choose to take most of my photos at dusk.

This outfit from the Virgin Australia Melbourne Fashion Festival (VAMFF) is one of my favourites, black with a hint of metallic. It’s simple, yet intricate. It’s elegant, yet edgy. When I saw this skirt on ASOS I knew it had to be mine, and what better place to wear it than to fashion week 🙂

ASOS midi skirt // Kookai everyday crop // Dune London bag // Senso Taffy heels

I attended the VAMFF designer runway show on Saturday night with Celeste and we saw some amazing new collection pieces from Thurley, Misha Collection, White Suede and other gorgeous labels. Definitely true to say that we both added a few new pieces to our fashion wishlist for the Autumn/Winter coming. I always love an opportunity to frock up too!

Anyway, gotta go, it’s dusk. Time to make some magic happen ✨✨✨

What’s your favourite time of day, and why?

Stacy x


A well-fitting, good quality biker jacket is a trans-seasonal must have in my fashion books. It’s classy and timeless, yet edgy and fashion-forward. It can be worn in so many different ways, whether you have a more feminine style or you like to look grungy, or you’re into street wear. It suits almost every style I’d say.

For those who are ethically conscious, there are plenty of pleather and leather alternatives out there. I for one don’t buy real leather jackets – a) I prefer to know an animal wasn’t harmed for my outfit and b) there’s no way I would ever be able to afford it anyway 😛

Here is a little style board I put together to show you just how cool biker jackets are.

I bought one from Sportsgirl recently and it has been on high rotation ever since.

What do you guys think of the whole biker jacket trend?

Happy weekend lovelies!

Stacy x



Anna Quan’s new collection lookbook is a dreamy delight for the eyes. Shot in front of a textured rocky backdrop, this collection features relaxed, flowing silhouettes in subtle grey and white, camel and eggshell blue. The delicate combination of wool, linen silk looks absolutely luxurious.

I’m a big fan of the flared sleeves and relaxed, oversized hemlines. These pieces will be perfect for that Autumn transitional period between Melbourne’s warm sunny afternoons and those bitter chill mornings.

Hooray for Aussie designers kicking goals!

Stacy x

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This is the runway show that was held in the Melbourne Museum underground carpark. How very Melbourne hipster of you, Virgin Australia Melbourne Fashion Festival! It showcased some of Melbourne’s more indie/alternative brands – bul, Kuwaii, Limedrop, I Love Mr Mittens, Obus and Ryder.






I Love Mr Mittens

I loved the classic, flattering cuts and the quirky understated prints that came down the runway. Almost everything that was showcased by these brands I could see hanging in my wardrobe this Autumn, and that’s a really important point for me, because often Australian fashion labels send beautiful pieces of art down the runway which are not work or uni or everyday appropriate at all! So kudos for that. I suppose my only real criticism is that the clothes seemed quite ‘safe’ and stuck to a formula. There was no particularly ‘WOW’ factor to anything. But if you find a winning formula, why change it, right?!

Well that’s a wrap! VAMFF is done and dusted for another year. See you next year!

Stacy x


Seeing the runway photos from Virgin Australia Melbourne Fashion Festival has got me excited for Australian fashion again. I must admit, for a while I was feeling pretty bored with the recycled and regurgitated trends that were dropping into shops everywhere. I’ve seen enough off shoulder tops and adidas trainers to last a lifetime tbh. Not that I have anything against them, in fact I quite enjoy both those trends, but seeing the same thing over and over can get a little tiring and uninspiring after a while… 

Ginger & Smart

Martin Grant

VAMFF’s Runway 4 got me good – I’m loving the relaxed, flowing silhouettes of Ginger & Smart. Check out the gorgeous dark floral print! As I said in my previous post, not a huge fan of florals. However this one is disguised as a graphic splotchy paint-like print, Continue reading


My housemate’s beautiful friend Carmen makes scarves. Hand painted hand created illustrated silk scarves. Storytelling scarves to finish an outfit. They are absolutely beautiful and unique – a timeless product that will withstand trends and fads. Lately I have been interested in cutting down on fast fashion and reducing my wardrobe to basics and more timeless pieces. I decided to interview Carmen about her Farawen Silks, and what inspires her work.

Watch this absolutely breath-taking video of the scarf-making process!

Tell me a bit about your background growing up, and your hobbies.

I’ve grown up in Bath, England. I spent a lot of my time growing up with my family visiting art galleries and theatres on holiday, which definitely influenced my choices and paths. I went on to do an art foundation and studied Theatre and Performance design in Liverpool. After working freelance for a little while I did a complete U-turn and moved to Greece for a couple of summers, worked for a diving company and met some wonderful people. Now I’m back in my hometown and following my growing passion for silk painting.

Where did the idea for Farawen Silks come from?

I first worked with Silk on a costume design project at University. I created silk jacket linings for the schoolboy roles in the musical ‘Spring awakening’. I loved the expression of the paint and the ease of transferring an idea, concept, or artwork onto a wearable piece.

Can you describe your process for making your silk scarves? How long does it take?

I buy the silk white and on the roll. First it has to be washed, dried, sometimes pre dyed and then stretched onto a frame. I then use a gutta, which outlines the patterns and creates borders in the silk. Next I use silk dye, water, and silk to add colour and texture to the scarves. Once finished the dye is iron fixed, washed, ironed and then I hand roll the edges to create a flowing finish. A large detailed large scarf could take around 10 hours of working time.

What’s the most challenging part of what you do?

Farawen silks is a very new business venture for me. So I think keeping the faith that I can achieve and grow and continue to push forward is the challenge for me.

What are your top three must have items in you wardrobe?

Mmm… my wool slippers from Greece because I have extra cold toes, a fabulous coat, (I have a weakness for them), and my knee high brown leather boots!

Do you have a life motto?

No. I see life as a work in progress.

Where do you see Farawen Silks in 5 years time?

I plan to have my own workshop and art retail space! Watch this space!

Do you have any advice for people wanting to peruse a creative business idea?

You won’t lose anything by trying, so go for it!

Farawen Silks ships worldwide, so if you’re looking for the perfect present for Mother’s Day, a birthday or just a gift for that special someone, look no further 🙂 Farawen Silks scarves are available in the ETSY SHOP and check out more photos on the FACEBOOK PAGE.

Have a great weekend everyone!!

x x Stace


It’s what underneath that counts…right?

So, I guess when you think about fashion and outfits, and dressing yourself, you don’t really think about the things that go under your clothes. I mean sure, you can’t SEE it most of the time, but as any woman knows, the type of underwear you have on can make a massive difference to how you feel. There’s certainly something special about slipping into a new lacy lingerie set, even if it’s hidden under work uniform or 5 billion Winter layers.

Anyway, the rare occasion that I get a new set AND I match my bra to my underwear, I basically feel like I have my shit together. Good feeling, haha.

Lately I’ve been obsessed with the label For Love & Lemons, and their delicate lingerie. I love the attention to details; the mesh and the lace and the embroidery is just beautiful. I haven’t yet had the guts to splurge out and get myself a set – two reasons: trying to save money is hard, and also I’m quite aware that my bigger boobs may not be as comfortable in such flimsy undergarments. A girl can dream though!!

In other news, this is my first blog post since I stopped blogging in April! To old readers & followers, good to see you back here. To new ones, welcome! This year has been a tumultuous one, but I can finally say I’ve finished half of my Masters degree and also found my inspiration and motivation to create content again! YAY! I hope you enjoy what will hopefully be a more regularly-maintained fashion/lifestyle/health/music/whatever-else-is-on-my-mind blog.

Hope your Monday wasn’t too much of a grind!

Stacy x

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