Somehow, I managed to throw together a rushed cosplay in 48 hours for this year’s Supanova in Melbourne! #melbnova was a super fun affair, and I really enjoyed it. I’ve decided to start blogging about the things I do in my every day life, rather than focus on fashion. Especially because I don’t really spend that much money on buying trendy new clothes anymore, and I still want to share content with you guys!!

I decided to cosplay as San from the Studio Ghibli film Princess Mononoke; it’s always been one of my favourites and I absolutely enjoy San’s strong character. The mask was a little dodgy but I think eventually I will do it again, properly.

Here are some snaps from the day, hope you enjoy 🙂

I made the dress out of cheap purple polyester and a $5 Big W men’s white t-shirt, the shoes are hessian wrapped around sandals and the mask is dodgy 3 layer papier mache and paint. My spear is made of a $3 dowel from an arts and craft shop, a bottle neck and lid, and foam/red tape. All in all, not my best effort but still heaps of fun to make and wear!

Next up is comic-con in June and I can’t wait.

Stacy x



This is the runway show that was held in the Melbourne Museum underground carpark. How very Melbourne hipster of you, Virgin Australia Melbourne Fashion Festival! It showcased some of Melbourne’s more indie/alternative brands – bul, Kuwaii, Limedrop, I Love Mr Mittens, Obus and Ryder.






I Love Mr Mittens

I loved the classic, flattering cuts and the quirky understated prints that came down the runway. Almost everything that was showcased by these brands I could see hanging in my wardrobe this Autumn, and that’s a really important point for me, because often Australian fashion labels send beautiful pieces of art down the runway which are not work or uni or everyday appropriate at all! So kudos for that. I suppose my only real criticism is that the clothes seemed quite ‘safe’ and stuck to a formula. There was no particularly ‘WOW’ factor to anything. But if you find a winning formula, why change it, right?!

Well that’s a wrap! VAMFF is done and dusted for another year. See you next year!

Stacy x


Seeing the runway photos from Virgin Australia Melbourne Fashion Festival has got me excited for Australian fashion again. I must admit, for a while I was feeling pretty bored with the recycled and regurgitated trends that were dropping into shops everywhere. I’ve seen enough off shoulder tops and adidas trainers to last a lifetime tbh. Not that I have anything against them, in fact I quite enjoy both those trends, but seeing the same thing over and over can get a little tiring and uninspiring after a while… 

Ginger & Smart

Martin Grant

VAMFF’s Runway 4 got me good – I’m loving the relaxed, flowing silhouettes of Ginger & Smart. Check out the gorgeous dark floral print! As I said in my previous post, not a huge fan of florals. However this one is disguised as a graphic splotchy paint-like print, Continue reading


On the weekend, I was lucky enough to be invited to the Gourmet Cinema, Melbourne’s newest outdoor cinema event held at the Caulfield Racecourse. This event is fairly self-explanatory as it basically ties together two of my favourite past-times – films and food!

I attended the Sunday night screening of Midnight in Paris, with food from The European to go with it. This was the final night of a 5-night long event – although the night was focussed on fancy dishes from The European restaurant inspired by Midnights in Paris, we able to eat from each establishment presented over the 5 nights. There were also amazing desserts by LuxBite which I could not resist trying!

I stupidly forgot my picnic rug, but luckily I brought my favourite wool cape and was able to snuggle under it as it got pretty windy watching the movie on the grass. Overall it was an awesome experience, and I’m looking forward to seeing more events like this held in the future.

One of my favourite things about Melbourne is that there seems to be an ever-growing list of creative and interesting events held here 🙂

Hope everyone had a great weekend!!

Stace x


Chanel scarf, jewellery from Hawkeye Vintage
Jacket from Hawkeye Vintage
Glassons top
Kookai skirt
Senso Taffy II heels

I have to say, I rarely ever dress too classy. It’s usually ripped jeans, or printed pants, or Black Milk bodysuits, etc etc. I guess I have a kinda quirky style, but for this shoot I definitely went outside my comfort zone. My housemate Mel shot these photos, and she is very girly, into her pretty clothes and jewellery. So I let her style me up in these gorgeous Chanel accessories from Hawkeye Vintage!

This post is an announcement that local vintage store Hawkeye Vintage have a new haul of over 1000 vintage designer accessories – Chanel, LV and Hermes! To celebrate, Danielle from Hawkeye is holding a special 3-day event online!!

DATE – 11th – 20th December
TIME – 10am-12am

To be a part of the VIP shopping event you should subscribe to Hawkeye Vintage’s mailing list, the code for the 20% off is VIP20. You will receive a one time only 20% off discount on all the new items listed!! There are pretty bags, jewellery, belts, scarves and other accessories.

Exciting stuff also – 100 shoppers will also receive a VIP xmas goodie bag with your purchase from our sponsors. If you want to see some of what is in this goodie bag, worth over $120, check out my latest Instagram post 🙂

Happy Wednesday guys! I can’t believe it’s almost Christmas, 2015 has gone crazy fast. I’m officially off to Vietnam in about 3 weeks, excited to go on more adventures 😀

x x Stace


This was the show I bought tickets to with some girlfriends – I didn’t realise that my media pass was a VIP seat and only realised when we went to get our free champagne and it was “VIP only, sorry”. Haha! It was a really fun experience to go with a different bunch of friends than last time, even though we weren’t in the greatest seating position.

Recap and some of my fave looks of the night, which centred on Street Wear in Melbourne –

Búl was everything draping which was both elegant and laid-back. Perfect for a Melbourne girl who doesn’t want to wear booty shorts and a crop top (hehe). There were monochromatic tones and neutrals punctuated with a deep mustard yellow and gorgeous navy and eggshell blue.

Gorman I was really looking forward to – a lot of the looks had already dropped in store though so it wasn’t that ‘new’ as such, but they did have some great prints floating around and I love that little cropped denim. Many classic pieces I can totally see hanging in my wardrobe 😛

Kuwaii has modern chic covered with sleek, clean silhouettes and cuts and a gorgeous palette of blues and whites, perfect cruise feel. I love the inky stripey pattern, we all love a breton stripe but it’s fun to see them recreated slightly differently!

Leonard Street seriously has my heart and is one of my favourite shops in Melbourne! Not my fave collection but I still loved it! Lots of prints, lots of super funky 90s layering (skirt over skirt anyone?) and as weird as it sounds, it was genius! I’m thinking I should try the double skirt thing just for kicks 😀

Limedrop of course had their trademark funky as cherrywood and reflective sunglasses, really must get a pair. Lots of crazy prism/triangular prints in gorgeous jewel tones and dat jacket! It actually has stones sewn on to it. So dreamy.

Tettmann.Doust – hmmm I still remember when they were an emerging brand and made the coolest printed leggings. They’re still here, plus a lot more goodness in the form of watercolour style prints that look like art-work and again, draping (seems to be a trend happening here hm). Gorgeous collection.

Hope you enjoyed my little recap and fave looks – looking forward to seeing some of that edgy cool street wear vibe creeping back into Melbourne’s street style. Oh Melbourne, you so fine.

x x Stace

Images courtesy of The Trendspotter and Lucas Dawson


Runway 3 on Thursday the 4th of September was utterly captivating, free spirited, vibrant and delicately detailed. It was all about embellishments and a bunch of talented designers, along with a handful of live musicians, transported me to a gorgeous landscape of colour, texture and life.

Here is my breakdown of the trends and some of my favourite looks of the night.

Yeojin Bae was filled with sleek and chic block colours, a mixture of pastels and brighter hues mixed with black. This collection featured strong geometric straps and cut-outs, and clean silhouettes and lines.

Thurley was probably the most impressive showing of the night, for me at least. A plethora of dreamy white gowns with splits, sheer accents and long flowing lace paraded down the runway before evolving into fierce, metallic and warrior-like pieces. There was extravagant embellishment, structural beauty and lots of volume and character throughout.


Jayson Brundson had an array of details on the catwalk, with a strong colour palette, sparkles and structure being key features of his collection. Sparkly mini-skirts, satin dresses and delicate embroidery all featured amongst a metallic rainbow of colours.

Arthur Galan‘s women’s collection featured leather accents, geometric animal print, bold colour and strong shapes. The men’s was a mixture of black and khaki colours, with some pastel pieces and a tropical print, perfect for the warmer months.

Megan Park was all about the flirty florals for Spring in various shades of pinks, blues and yellows. There was also a splash of more sophisticated monochrome/metallics.

Nicola Finetti = Bold. Structural. Strong. Architectural. Bright. Digital prints in purples and yellows and pinks then a monochromatic theme. Crops, cross-overs and splits done beautifully.

Nevenka went super boho with frothy white offerings in lace, crochet, embroidery and volume. Layering and sheer material with small details made for some delicate and beautiful silhouettes.

Hope you enjoyed the images! I didn’t get very good snaps of Runway 4 as I was sitting further up back with my friends, but hopefully a small post to come!

x Stace