Slowing down my ‘fast fashion’ wardrobe


Lately, there’s been a lot of soul-searching and thinking going on in my lil brain. One of the big topics I’m thinkin’ bout is sustainability. This covers stuff like reducing my waste output, making sure I try my best to use cruelty-free skincare, considering the animal products I consume, and of course the whole sustainable fashion thing. Being a shopaholic and total slave 2 fashun, I own A LOT of clothes. I also own A LOT of clothes I don’t really wear. And I buy A LOT of cheap, nasty, low quality things that fall apart. I bought this cute little Kmart tee recently (top pic), after debating in my head whether or not I should buy in to ‘fast fashion’ and the high turnover of clothes going into the bin, and also whether I should support the factories that produce ‘fast fashion’.


I’ve thought of a few little tricks & tips which are gonna help me to a) keep my wardrobe somewhat minimal, and b) make sure I’m not contributing to fast fashion, which is making tonnes and tonnes of landfill per year.

STEP 1: Clear out wardrobe every few months.

So I recently did a huuuge clean up where I was brutal and honest and culled 5 bags of stuff that didn’t fit well, was too old, I didn’t like or hadn’t worn for over a year. I felt so damn good afterwards that I’m going to try and do this twice a year.

STEP 2: Stop buying bucketloads of crap.

So I’m going to work with what I have, and allow myself a few new purchases every season (let’s say a season is 3 months). If I can buy 2-3 new things that are ‘trendy’ and in season and mix them in with my existing wardrobe, and also just make or find some cool accessories to update my look, I think I’d be fine.

STEP 3: When buying clothes, look for high-quality, easy to care for, ethically-produced and sustainable options – aka ‘slow fashion’.

I want things that are hand-washable, and I’m looking for natural fibres like linen and cotton, and factories where workers are paid properly. I want environmentally friendly, easily recyclable or reworked things.

STEP 3A: Look, I get it. Clothes are hecking expensive.

It’s not practical to always buy slow fashion. Occasionally I cave and buy something from H&M, or Kmart. But in that case try to only buy things you TRULY love and will get good wear out of! Try to remember that if you won’t wear it 30 times it’s not worth it. Anyway, maybe if you’re looking for that perfect party outfit you can rent it!

STEP 4: Try to establish what kind of style you like, and stick to it.

That way, you can mix and match all your pieces easily and get more wear out of stuff. I’ve figured out that personally I love tailored garments with lots of neutral and cool colours, basics in blacks and whites, and pretty printed skirts and dresses so that’s what I’ve been keeping my eye out for!


Kmart eyelet tee // MINKPINK shorts (old) // Vintage scarf

If anyone else is interested in streamlining their wardrobe, trying slow fashion and saving the environment that lil bit, I hope this gives you guys some ideas or inspo! I’m thinking about starting a 10 in 10 challenge for myself where I pick 10 pieces to wear for 10 days so stay tuned for that!

Would love to hear about anyone else’s experiences with the whole fast fashion thing and your thoughts. Let me know below, or on insta!

Stacy x

2 thoughts on “Slowing down my ‘fast fashion’ wardrobe

  1. This is rather unrelated, but thank you for uploading those photos! I recently bought that eyelet tee from a clearance sale at Kmart, but it was missing the ribbon thing to tie the eyelets together, so I’m thankful to finally see how it’s meant to look!


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