Seeing the runway photos from Virgin Australia Melbourne Fashion Festival has got me excited for Australian fashion again. I must admit, for a while I was feeling pretty bored with the recycled and regurgitated trends that were dropping into shops everywhere. I’ve seen enough off shoulder tops and adidas trainers to last a lifetime tbh. Not that I have anything against them, in fact I quite enjoy both those trends, but seeing the same thing over and over can get a little tiring and uninspiring after a while… 

Ginger & Smart

Martin Grant

VAMFF’s Runway 4 got me good – I’m loving the relaxed, flowing silhouettes of Ginger & Smart. Check out the gorgeous dark floral print! As I said in my previous post, not a huge fan of florals. However this one is disguised as a graphic splotchy paint-like print, and that makes it okay 😉 I’m not sure how I feel about the necktie – my first impression is that it looks like an electrical cord tied around the neck. Somehow it sort of works though.

I was also quite taken by the smart and sophisticated tailoring with splashes of metallic details from Martin Grant. Navy and black are my go-to colours in Winter, I think it’s hard to go wrong there! I am a huge fan of the cinched in waists, and he silver accents have been done tastefully. Sometimes metallics can be tacky and offensive, however Martin has managed to make his models look like beautiful night skies. I adore it.

The midi-length skirts are equal parts demure and sensual, and interestingly it looks like this length is here to stay this year, as the midi’s have continued to be featured across the different shows and is reflected in the street style as well.

I’m going to be attending Premium Runway 6 on the weekend (tickets still available!), and if this is the standard I can expect, it’s gonna be a good show! That’s if I can get all my study done before that of course 😛

Oh and…IT’S FRIDAY! Hooray! Have a good weekend e’rrybody.

Stacy x

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