It’s what underneath that counts…right?

So, I guess when you think about fashion and outfits, and dressing yourself, you don’t really think about the things that go under your clothes. I mean sure, you can’t SEE it most of the time, but as any woman knows, the type of underwear you have on can make a massive difference to how you feel. There’s certainly something special about slipping into a new lacy lingerie set, even if it’s hidden under work uniform or 5 billion Winter layers.

Anyway, the rare occasion that I get a new set AND I match my bra to my underwear, I basically feel like I have my shit together. Good feeling, haha.

Lately I’ve been obsessed with the label For Love & Lemons, and their delicate lingerie. I love the attention to details; the mesh and the lace and the embroidery is just beautiful. I haven’t yet had the guts to splurge out and get myself a set – two reasons: trying to save money is hard, and also I’m quite aware that my bigger boobs may not be as comfortable in such flimsy undergarments. A girl can dream though!!

In other news, this is my first blog post since I stopped blogging in April! To old readers & followers, good to see you back here. To new ones, welcome! This year has been a tumultuous one, but I can finally say I’ve finished half of my Masters degree and also found my inspiration and motivation to create content again! YAY! I hope you enjoy what will hopefully be a more regularly-maintained fashion/lifestyle/health/music/whatever-else-is-on-my-mind blog.

Hope your Monday wasn’t too much of a grind!

Stacy x

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