Lisa Gorman has just recently launched her Autumn 2015 campaign, which was shot in Hayama, Japan. Considering I just got back from Japan, it only makes me miss the country even more! This collection has an other-worldly feel about it, suggesting the change in season to the cooler weather, longer nights and shorter days. It’s about the happenings out there in the quiet, stillness of nature and the beauty of balance between earth, animal and sky.

The new collection features Gorman’s typical gorgeous details such as the green fern print, a cute yet brilliant moth embroidery motif, metallic flashes and an abstract jigsaw pattern of chopped up shapes filtered across kimonos, flowy skirts, shift dresses and soft cotton tees.

Some of the clothes have started dropping into Gorman stores already, so if Autumn excites you (it’s my fave season), definitely check it out!

x x Stace

PS. Check out Frankie’s post on this collection for the beautiful campaign video. I watched it three times ♥

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