It’s school holidays!! That means a couple of weeks off from teaching, that means sleep-ins, that means getting to catch up with fam & friends. School holidays is happiness. Not that I dislike my job, in fact I love it. But, as one of my Year 9 students so eloquently put it, “Miss, now you won’t have to see your annoying students for two weeks!!” HAHA. Here I am just monkeying around in a lumberjack-inspired casual outfit for first weekend of school hols.

Country Road check wrap shirt
One Teaspoon Awesome Baggies boyfriend jeans
Windsor Smith cut out boots

Seriously, I love my OT baggies so so much, I have them in this dark navy and also in a lighter blue. The obssession continues!! I think I’m gonna be living in my boyfriend jeans and baggy shirts, it’s the perfect trans-seasonal weather for holey jeans 😛

Happy weekend/school holis!

x x Stace

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