Runway 3 on Thursday the 4th of September was utterly captivating, free spirited, vibrant and delicately detailed. It was all about embellishments and a bunch of talented designers, along with a handful of live musicians, transported me to a gorgeous landscape of colour, texture and life.

Here is my breakdown of the trends and some of my favourite looks of the night.

Yeojin Bae was filled with sleek and chic block colours, a mixture of pastels and brighter hues mixed with black. This collection featured strong geometric straps and cut-outs, and clean silhouettes and lines.

Thurley was probably the most impressive showing of the night, for me at least. A plethora of dreamy white gowns with splits, sheer accents and long flowing lace paraded down the runway before evolving into fierce, metallic and warrior-like pieces. There was extravagant embellishment, structural beauty and lots of volume and character throughout.


Jayson Brundson had an array of details on the catwalk, with a strong colour palette, sparkles and structure being key features of his collection. Sparkly mini-skirts, satin dresses and delicate embroidery all featured amongst a metallic rainbow of colours.

Arthur Galan‘s women’s collection featured leather accents, geometric animal print, bold colour and strong shapes. The men’s was a mixture of black and khaki colours, with some pastel pieces and a tropical print, perfect for the warmer months.

Megan Park was all about the flirty florals for Spring in various shades of pinks, blues and yellows. There was also a splash of more sophisticated monochrome/metallics.

Nicola Finetti = Bold. Structural. Strong. Architectural. Bright. Digital prints in purples and yellows and pinks then a monochromatic theme. Crops, cross-overs and splits done beautifully.

Nevenka went super boho with frothy white offerings in lace, crochet, embroidery and volume. Layering and sheer material with small details made for some delicate and beautiful silhouettes.

Hope you enjoyed the images! I didn’t get very good snaps of Runway 4 as I was sitting further up back with my friends, but hopefully a small post to come!

x Stace


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