Boohoo heart elbow-patch knit // Staple the Label Florist City dress // Aacute Flowerfield necklace & bracelet // Arlington Milne Mint Saffiano wallet // Windsor Smith shell sandals

I’ve finally put up a post from Noosa, only three weeks late (oops) but let’s just quote ‘better late than never’. Right? It was my first time up in Queensland since 2012 when I went to the Gold Coast, and my first time to Noosa since Year 12 schoolies, so it brought back a heap of crazy memories, that’s for sure.

The day before I left for Noosa I received this awesome baby pink knit from Boohoo.com, it has these great cream-coloured elbow patches that are so quirky. I packed it with me, not knowing if I was going to wear it or not. But wear it I did! It was beautifully warm up there with temperatures in the low 20s but the gorgeous sun was always out & I was at the beach every day, the knit came in super handy for those cool morning walks.

Pink is definitely not my usual choice of colour, but I’ve fallen in love with this knit more and more each time I wear it. I mean, it’t not like I’m going to run out and buy a baby pink coat, or dye my hair pink, but I can say I’m pretty comfortable in this pastel pieces of cosiness.

x x Stace

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