Cotton On Led Zeppelin tank ($29 I think…)
Decjuba scarf
Supre check shorts ($10)
Supre felt hat ($20)

It’s official – lumberjack chic, if that’s even a thing, is my new fave. Check shirts around waists, tartan blouses, and now these cute little shorts which I got from *shock, horror* Supre! They were only $10 and they are super, super comfortable. This is definitely a purchase I did not see coming, as I actually went into Supre only to check out the felt hats which I saw on another blogger’s instagram :’)

Melbourne is giving us more warm weather so my legs are out to play! Even though it probably won’t, I hope it stays this way! (#imapoetandididntevenknowit)

Happy weekend lovers, I’m going to Werribee Mansion tonight to celebrate two years with my lovely boyfriend! 😀

x x Stace

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