You know how some people are hand bag people, and some people are clothing people, and some people are shoe people?

Well…I’m definitely a shoe person. As in, I buy a lot of pairs of shoes and haven’t thrown away any. As in, I’ve run out of room under my bed, on my bookshelf and even taken up a shelf in the lounge-room for my beautiful shoes. It’s kind of horrifying but at the same time I can’t stop & I won’t stop.

My newest addition is a pair of Witchery suede & ponyhair low heeled boots which are perfect for work (teaching at a high-school & and also private piano teaching) because they are classy & elegant yet also professional. They’re also similar to my Wittner ponyhair pair that I’ve worn to death – I wish I’d bought two pairs at the time because I love them and am sad they have fallen apart! Although I’m also pretty annoyed at myself coz I wore these new ones before waterproofing them and the suede is already scuffed, boooo 😡

WITCHERY Lauren Boot (sold out in my colour but you can still them in Asphalt Grey instead)

I also bought these Tony Bianco boots, which are a copy of the Acne version and are from last season. Nabbed them in my size off eBay for maybe a third of the price at which they retailed last Winter, score! These boots super remind me of when I was 5 and in prep and I had little gusseted brown chelsea boots with a pull on tab. Except they are made of super sleek leather and have a good sized heel that will make me look 6 foot 🙂

TONY BIANCO Brave boots (old season)

Any suggestions for what I should do with my ballooning shoe collection? It’s fast becoming a problem…hmm.

Anyway, happy Friday. Yes it’s FRI-YAYYYYY and next week marks two years with my boyfriend. Although we’re both busy this weekend I’m sure I will have some nice photos to show you guys at some point of what we do 🙂

x x Stace

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