It’s officially WINTER here in Melbourne now.

How do I know? Well…the fact that my windscreen is all frosted when I get up early is one sign. Feeling constantly chilled to the bone by the wind when walking to the bus stop is another. Thinking about the feeling of hot tea in my stomach all day is yet another. And I have the sniffles. It’s damn cold, alright!

Anyway, I’m one of those weird people that likes sitting by a heater and eating ice-cream while snuggled in a blanket. So I made myself a clean & healthy fruity creamy cold treat that also contains Vitamin C to combat those pesky colds that tend to strike around now. Recommended: wear a scarf while making & eating this kiwibanana treat.

Super easy to make, and delicious too.


2-3 frozen bananas
2 kiwis
1/2 scoop of chocolate protein powder, any flavour is okay though 🙂
A splash of almond/soy/quinoa/rice/any milk of your choice


1. Blend 2 bananas or so (your choice of how much you want) with enough milk to make the mixture a little less frozen. If you want a more ice-creamy texture don’t add as much milk.

2. Add the kiwis and protein powder and blend until just combined.

3. Pour the stuff in a bowl and garnish with the rest of the fruit on top.

Voila. Have a lovely Mother’s Day Weekend err’ybody!

x x Stace

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