Riders by Lee denim shorts (old season)
Isabel Marant Bekett concealed wedge sneakers
Seven Autumn Leaves tri-quadrilateral necklace
Samantha Wills Bohemian Bardot ring
Aacute earrings


I filled up on Easter eggs, and a huuuuge family feast with the boyf’s fam on the weekend. Feelin’ full still!

This outfit was from last week, when the sun was still shining (unlike today, ugh). Just taking advantage of the last few rays of warm sunshine before winter hits Melbourne! It’s not often that we get shorts weather in the middle of April, so when it does happen I’m quick to get my legs out to play. I’m pretty chuffed with myself for co-ordinating so many lighter colours into this outfit (lots of greens in my outfit & the backyard hence the title hehe) – there is not a smidge of black to be seen! Besides my hair of course.

Oh yeah, check out my new haircut. I dig it, having short hair and also an undercut means my hair so much easier to maintain. If you didn’t know, my hair is super super thick usually.

Well…now that Easter is over I think it’s time to hit the gym.


x x Stace

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