Everybody say hello to my rabbit Houdini! He’s stolen the show before I even get to write anything in this post! He is wearing a black & white coat which matches my outfit perfectly! (Or is it the other way around?)

Cameo the Label Friendly Fires vest
Lolitta shirt dress (old!)
Kmart boots (Chloe Susanna boot knockoff)
Lovisa earcuff
Sportsgirl tights & handchain

My white shirt dress from Lolitta is crisp, but I have to say the weather is crisper. It’s that time of year where I roll out of bed in the morning and the air has that slight chill to it. It’s kind of a relief from all that hot Summer weather that’s haunted us well into Autumn. I could really never describe the beauty of a good shirt dress/white shirt properly t you – it’s a perfect layering piece that’s (crisp) casual and comfy and kinda corporate too, with the collar and all. (*BOOM* just look at that alliteration guys!)

Anyway, I layered my shirt dress, if it’s long enough to be called a dress (shh!) with my Cameo quilted vest. Yep, DAT knockoff of the Goot one. I love it because it’s so darn warm and snuggly. Like a quilt (like the thick quilt I use when I feel cold). Coz it’s quilted. Geddit? …Not funny? Oh. Yeah working six days a week plus uni plus trying to get to the gym to lift heavy things does that to you. My brain is kinda frazzled. Thank god it’s the school holidays, I get two weeks off teaching but the masses of teenagers and children on the train on the way to check out H&M yesterday were a bit of a nightmare. You might be wondering what I thought/whether I took pics of the massive GPO superstore…I don’t think it deserves a post of its own – I was rather underwhelmed to say the least.

Anyway, this outfit post is continuing on from the theme of the last one – wearing things that sit in my wardrobe neglected. This white shirt dress is from my high school days when I had a thing for shirt-dresses and surprisingly it still fits, though it is a little crinkled!

What pieces in your wardrobe do you not wear enough? Pull them out and wear them I say. No point hoarding clothes and never showing them off.

Happy Thursday (one day til the weekend starts!)

x Stace

PS. To my friends who actually know me, this is an old outfit that I wore on Tuesday…I didn’t magically grow my hair back! I actually got a hair cut yesterday and I sent some people a pic. It’s much shorter now and you can’t put it in a bun. Pics to come! 😉


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