So it’s officially April, and the leaves are falling from the trees. We’ve had the weirdest mixture of too-stinking-hot-to-wear-clothes days, and omgomgfreezingmytitsoff days where the wind chills to the bone. So typical of you Melbourne, you’re so predictable. Naht. Anyway, I think the trickiest part about trying to pick outfits is knowing whether you’ve worn enough layers to keep you warm on the walk to the train station in the morning, but also having something underneath your wooly jumper for when it gets sunny and you’re working up a sweat that could rival the Yarra river…

So here are a few essentials I’ve rounded up for the coming couple of months. Boyfriend jeans, check. A white shirt that can be layered up, check. Wedge sneakers (need I remind you guys of my obssession? I don’t care if they’re ‘last season’ I need them in my life.) and a comfy bralette and of course a signature scent so your lover (or lack of one) can recognise you 😉

BRB it’s the weekend and I just got home from work. Time to wriggle into my boyfriend jeans and meet up with my boyfriend for a Mexican dinner!

What are your Autumn essentials? (This post can also apply to Spring for all you Northern Hemisphere homies)

x x Stace


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