I’m a Melbourne girl, and yeah I’m proud of it. We love our little laneways and our cafes and of course, we love wearing black (if I may speak about Melbournians as a collective bunch). I mean, lately I’ve seen a lot more colour in digital prints and florals etc. but come Winter I know the layers and the stormy colours will come out to play again!

ISo why DO we wear so much black? Most people I’ve spoken t reckon we wear way more black than our Sydney-sider counterparts. It’s ever-present. There are a thousand reasons we could go about justifying our dark obsession with, but sometimes I think the simplest answer is that black is like an old, reliable friend; a warm embrace. I wear black with pride!

Although I embrace some colours these days, I do tend to buy a lot of black. The trick is to keep things interesting by mixing up the textures, layers, embellishments and details. Studs, chains, jewellery, buttons, cut-outs, straps, harnesses are all good ways to break up the monotony of black.

I love this outfit and could ake many more all black ones. As much as I like to think that my wardrobe has expanded in colours and styles, when it comes to it I’d say over a third of my wardrobe is still black…I guess at the ripe old age of 21 I still haven’t figured out my personal style. And I’m kinda happier that way, experimenting and trying everything. That’s the fun of it, isn’t it?

Oh & bring on the weekend lovers! Seriously, not gonna lie, I’m looking forward to baking cookies tomorrow with Justin and going on a secret roadtrip (his idea!) 😀

Forever New shirt
Willow dress
Sportsgirl body chain
Clutch from Thailand (similar at The Bedlamite Club)
Betts boots

x x Stace

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