Forever New bodysuit | Neuw skirt | Betts boots | Lovisa ear cuff

Pleats immediately make me think of high-school days and how all the girls used to go into the gym change-rooms and roll up their skirts to make them sit above the knee; some had mums who would alter the skirt for them, otherwise you were stuck with the frumpy mid calf length bottle green tartan pleated monstrosity. Anyway, I was lucky enough to buy secondhand skirts already sewn up at the hem 🙂 This pleated skirt by Neuw is a wonder, super floaty and light, the perfect length and a gorgeous pale latte colour which goes quite well with my wardrobe.

In other news, the other night I went to the Mersh for a friend of my boyfriends’ birthday, and apparently it was uni night so it was themed – theme: school uniform. It wasn’t such a pretty sight, the amount of post-school age girls wearing their ‘nerd glasses’, I copped many a faceful of cleavage spilling out of tighter than tight ‘school shirts’ which were probably from their grade 5 days…wearing short shorts which do not feature as a part of any school uniform besides the ones you see in cheap pornos…I digress. It put my off school uniforms for a little while, but I still really love this skirt.

First week of uni is overrr and this week is the second. I hope everyone has gotten back into the swing of things whether it be work/uni/play and happy hump day!

x x Stace

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