My mother always told me, from when I was a little girl, that I should never ever wear the colour yellow. She said, because my skin was ‘yellow’, that anything yellow would make me look sick. So I guess I never, ever ventured close enough to yellow to see what a bright and happy colour it was. If you’ve seen previous outfit posts on my blog, I wear a lot of reds, pinks, blacks, blues but nothing even vaguely resembling citrus fruit colour.

…trying to be Margaret Zhang again. Marg let me be you plz.

Gorman Pineapple Skirt
Princess Highway cardigan
Tony Bianco clogs

When I saw Gorman’s pineapple print skirt on sale, I had to have it. I’d ogled and admired it from afar when it first hit the shops, but knowing me and my stingyness I can’t buy things full price very often 😛 It’s not only got a yellow print on it, but also midi length. And in the fashion world, though trendy, this length can be unflattering.

Well my response to all that is ‘Stuff you skin colour and trends, I’ll wear what I like’ and it’s the way I always dress. I don’t buy into something just coz it’s the new ‘in’ thing or because it will be ‘unflattering’. I embrace midi skirts and boyfriend jeans, the zara skort but reject peplum tops, going braless and Windsor Smith Lily sandals.

And the result is, a lot of yellow on a yellow-skinned gal. I don’t think it’s too bad, to be honest. It sure as hell ain’t stopping me from wearing this skirt. Booyah. Power to the yellows.

I could wear this outfit anywhere: over here or over there. (hehe I’m a poet) The only place I won’t wear it is too close to Justin, he HATES pineapples. Too bad for him. I think I could even wear this to uni, maybe minus the crop top and add a respectable black t-shirt, or something. Speaking of uni if you haven’t gotten stationary-ready check out my post on BACK TO UNI ESSENTIALS 🙂

Happy weekend lovers,

x x Stace

PS. As you can kinda see, this post was about pears too, my tree has too many pears!!! They are falling and rotting everywhere. They’re delicious but there’s only so many pears you can eat. Seriously, any Melbourne peeps on here I can bring you PEARS PEARS GLORIOUS PEARS. Message me on FB or insta! 😉

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