The title of this post is hashtag-back to uni. Because uni is back. After almost four months off from my course, simply relaxing, working, exercising and sleeping in, I’ve gotta get myself back into the swing of practising piano, studying and going to class. Not that I’m complaining, this is my last semester so the 12 weeks is going to flyyyyy! For those that are under a rock, I’m studying a Bachelor of Music majoring in Music Performance 🙂

Anyway, my ritual before a new semester starts each year is going stationary shopping, so I’m sharing my #backtouni essentials from Officeworks!! I literally could spend hours there, the amount of coloured pens, different exercise books and fun and innovative products makes me happy 🙂 After clothing & shoe shopping this has got to be my second fave type of retail therapy!

This is part of my haul from yesterday, when I went to Officeworks at Highpoint after work. Look at all the preeeetty colours, purple and green and blue 🙂 I’m such a little kid.

My favourite A4 exercise books, I get them every year because they have colourful colours and a pen holder, calender inside the front, Plus a little plastic ruler but I tend to throw that out 😛 And the A5 notebook is good for taking around and jotting down notes. It has little pockets inside to store documents which is good for piano class coz we get random sheets!

This drink bottle is by Cool Gear Inc, and the minute I saw it it was love at first sight. It’s an insulated drink bottle disguised inside a mason jar style casing complete with a removable straw! For uni I will obvs not use the straw and just drink from the opening at the top, can’t wait to put tea in it for Winter 🙂

Black mesh pencil case & highlighter from Officeworks’ new X collection! I took some snaps on my phone of the colection while in store, it’s all about minimalistic design with a range of simple but stylish stationery. I love this mesh pencil case because it was cheap – I hate spending a fortune on small things – and it’s mesh, super on trend! I tried styling this as a clutch, I think i could work well. It’s also super easy to find stuff. Worst thing is digging around for an eraser and not being able to grab it.

Oh yah and the highlighter really surprised me, it’s like a wind up crayon instead of texta.

And this stack of J Burrows sticky notes? 48 cents. How could I not.

There is also a cool iPad tough case that I now I will gets heaps of use out of, and butterfly paper clips for the childish me. And don’t forget the white foam board which forms the backdrop for these photos too!

I’m actually looking forward to starting uni with all this cool stuff in my pencil case 🙂 Officeworks is awesome for surrounding yourself with stationery that inspires great work, they even made a video. Officeworks offers stylish stationery perfect for students wanting products that look good and do the job. Let’s hope this is my best year yet at uni – I’m aiming high for my graduating recital and I’m sure you guys will hear heaps about it the closer it gets to it haha.

Friday tomorrow, wow feels like just yesterday I was saying TGIF for last week!

Visit Officeworks for your stationary fix (I like the new X collection), even though some peeps have started uni already it’s not too late to buy your 12 pack of mini highlighters/erasable pens 😉

x x Stace

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3 thoughts on “#UNILYF

  1. Oh you brave soul, I chickened out on Bach of Music and do Business and Arts, except I finish at the end of this year haha. All the best with everything girl!

    P.s. I also spent all my money at Officeworks before uni.



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