This is what happens when I have a day off work, being a homebody / running errands / not having to
interact very much with anyone else / just being a geek and playing Pokemon Y:


Peter Alexander Rosette tank
Peter Alexander Leopard Track Pant
Fairground bunny ears cardi
Nike Free Run 5.0

Pyjamas as day-wear…the sartorial choices of the effortless, the relaxed and the down-right lazy. I did it and I loved it and I’ll do it again. Sure, the furthest I’ll venture in this get up is to the grocery store or to take my little brother to the orthodontist, but the fact of the matter is that I’ve worn my pyjamas outside and not felt self-conscious at all.

This could be partly due to the fact that Peter Alexander is an awesome designer who makes stylish PJs. These leopard trackies make my life – they are 100% cotton & super-slouchy-drop-crotched-perfect. I wore them to work on the weekend and received a few compliments too! I guess trackies are an acceptable form of pants when they are so cutely adorned with greyscale leopard print, riiight guys??

I went to uni this morning for a music rehearsal and chose to change out of my PJs and into a dress, I feel as if I have to make an effort especially because uni hasn’t even officially started yet…but who knows, in a few weeks I might be tracky-ing my way happily into class 😉 Happy hump day everyone, it’s half way to the weekend!

x x Stace


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