A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…fashion met sci-fi on the catwalk.

From Instagram @thevalgarland

Well, I suppose that’s a bit of an exaggeration, it was really in the UK during London Fashion week and it was only like, yesterday. And it was Preen who decided to get their geek chic on, with real live stormtroopers backstage at their LFW show. If only I’d been there to fulfil my most dorky fangirl dreams…

Preen designers Justin Thornton and Thea Bregazzi obviously must be Star Wars fans just like me, they presented their Autumn/Winter ’14 collection which was full of geometric prints and boldness. And yep, they had tops emblazoned with the face of none other than ultimate bad guy Darth Vader for some serious sci-fi cred. I’m a big fan. When I saw this I thought to myself ‘Oh my oh my this is definitely my fave collection of the season’ and it continues to stand as so 😀

BUT WAIT! There’s more! Honourable mention to yet another designer who must have had the same inspirational dream. Or something. Rodarte, you kinda became at least 10x cooler than before, with some classic dorky girl glasses, glitter lurex frumpiness + alien-like make up and weird out-of-this-world dresses + digi-print Luke Skywalker + YODA (what even is love?! ♥ ).

Weirdly enough, as eclectic and totally different these collections are compared to what I usually like on the runway, it works for me. It really does. *claps for Rodarte & Preen*. As for the Star Wars references…all I can say is I wonder who’s up next on the runway for some Star Wars love? All we’re missing is a Princess Leia in that golden bikini outfit and Jabba the Hut! HAHA.

(I hope at least someone understands the reference or I’m gonna feel mighty geeky.)

x x Stace

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