Cue blue shirt
Mum’s tartan shirt
American Apparel zip denim shorts
Nike free runs

First off, happy Valentine’s Day! I kick-started my day off in a super romantic fashion by going to the gym – lifting & getting sweaty – with my boyfriend 🙂 We actually celebrated the occasion last night by going to dinner at a Malaysian restaurant, since he is working tonight. Anyhow. Fridays are days when I’m super cbf because basically I’ve slogged away the last few days working, tired from the gym, running errands or whatever. And I haven’t even started uni yet for the year!

This outfit is semi-inspired by Margaret from Shine By Three and her elegant way of tying a shirt around her waist. My mum owns this tartan shirt that I’ve never seen her wear so I stole it from her wardrobe. I totally was hoping that adding the shirt to my casual ensemble for the day would elevate me to super-babe status like Marg…not too sure if it worked or not. I mean, if I can’t have her life (jetting to NYFW, hangin’ with the designers and wearing the maddest clothes ever) I may as well try to look like her, amirite? 😉

Hope everyone has a lovely night, whether you are celebrating with your boyfriend/girlfriend or going it alone.

Sending the love out to you all,
Stace x x x




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