Apologies for the crapola quality pictures taken with a timer on my iPad (yes, I took photos on my iPad)…for some weird reason I can’t find my camera atm. Eek.

This is my first proper outfit post since I went to Thailand. In my post-vacation blues, I am trying to dress in the most tropical and vacation-y way possible in order to cheer myself up about not being able to have buffet brekkie by the beach anymore, or swim in the ocean every day. *sigh*

It was the first overseas holiday that I have taken purely to relax and unwind, since, well ever. I’ve been on tour to Europe for concerts and had to rehearse, or gone to China to visit relatives. But Thailand…was absolute bliss. I came back and I actually cried a little bit, which sounds sad but I fell in love with Thai culture and all the colourful food and animals and jewellery. I will definitely be back!

Quiksilver top, Maurie & Eve trousers, Windsor Smith sandals, bracelets from Thailand.

Printed pants feature highly in Thailand, so what better way to pay tribute to an awesome holiday by wearing my fave bird and fruit printed jeans from a fave Aussie brand! I do actually have a pair of navy elephant pants from Thailand! you’ll probably get to see them when I put up a travel post, but considering I only put up the pics I took on Facebook a week and a half after I got back…it may be a while yet before you see them. Sorry guys!

Anyway, happy hump day and it’s also back to work for me as a piano teacher as school has started. Yay, funsies.

x x Stace

PS. Look, I have a tan 🙂


2 thoughts on “TROPICS

  1. Love those pants, and the back on that top is perfect! Thailand sounds like it was perfect, and I'm very envious. Also, this is going to reflect so poorly on me, but I never realised you studied music. Is that bad? Obviously I've been too distracted by your beautiful self and sick printed pants. x


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