☼ 2 0 1 4 ☼

First off, before I say anything else…


I bought myself a new wallet just after Christmas, its gorgeous emerald leather caught my eye at work and the blue tassel (which I was going to remove) is growing on me 🙂 It matches quite nicely with my blue floral maxi. My necklace was a Christmas gift – it’s a bunny rabbit Pandora charm.

Lolitta maxi dress
Arlington Milne wallet/clutch
Aacute earrings
Pandora necklace
Sportsgirl ring
Siren shoes

I’ll keep it short & sweet for the moment, yes it’s new year’s but seriously guys, most people’s resolutions fizzle and die after a few weeks. I try to set long term goals.

So this year, my goals are:

1) Stop biting my nails (super bad habit I’ve had since primary school)
2) Move out of home again, this time for good!
3) Finish my music degree
4) Buy a DSLR camera
5) Cull down my wardrobe to only the essentials and give away any unused items to charity

Sounds pretty legit, though they are subject to change.

Hope everyone had an excellent NYE and New Year’s, and will keep you updated on things.
Only 15 days, 4 minutes and 38 seconds ’til Thailand (not like I’m counting or anything…)

x x Stace




4 thoughts on “☼ 2 0 1 4 ☼

  1. Ooh! Matching earrings/ring/wallet – niiiiiice. And about your resolutions: 1) get that nail polish that is meant to help by making your nails taste disgusting, 3) you're fabulous and you'll get this done for sure, 4) Kogan is your saviour, super cheap – and don't buy one that comes with lenses, buy a body and nicer lenses separately, also NIKON4LYF, 5) super nuts wardrobe cleansing is so fun

    I think that covers it all 🙂 x


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