December has been a month of mostly work and not a lot of play. Hence why on the morning of Christmas I’m trying to get a post done on the blog, to make up for my previous few weeks of absence. I have been juggling three retail jobs at Highpoint which has been insane!! Just finished the overnight trade working a shift to 3am then getting up to start at 8am the next day. Yeowch.

It’s been hot and cold and windy and rainy and sunny and dry in equal parts, as per Melbourne’s typical weather patterns. On a hot day on the weekend I wore this khaki/cream combo.

Forever New top
Bardot skirt
Windsor Smith sandals

I’m trying to incorporate more lighter colours into my summer wardrobe, and I think the white shoes really help! They encourage me to wear the white stuff I own instead of always opting for black/grey. Anyway keep cool everyone, I’ll keep it short & sweet for now.

Time to open my Christmas pressies & eat lotsa food!


x x Stace


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