I like to believe that what goes around comes around. So doing good on this planet means good things will come your way, and vice versa. I know, it’s a little bit new-age-hippie, but somehow I feel that it really is true. You see, I have been selling my clothes on eBay & whatever I don’t sell to go to charity bins. That’s a good thing right? And in return I come across lots of cheap purchases that make me happy. Win-win situation! 😉

I am in love with my new sandals which I saw on The Iconic last week. After I shipped off/donated some old clothes and had a bit of extra $$$ in my account, the shoes went on sale and got $20+ wiped off them. I would like to suggest that this was fate telling me to purchase them. So I did!

Staple the Label dress
Kmart jumper
Windsor Smith Shell sandals
Aacute necklace
Samantha Wills ring

I went to purchase this wonderful Aacute necklace in Footscray and saw a highschool friend Thara from Moss & Stone, after that I pretty much got home & shot this outfit straight away because the colours i the necklace miraculously matched my dress so perfectly! It is handmade and ethical so get on that shiz! Check out the Aacute shop because they also make luscious-smelling wood-wick candles which come in heaps of flavours 🙂

Anyway, I am terribly excited with my new purchases this week and I hope everyone else is having a good weekend too. Am out for dinner tonight & have Architecture in Helsinki tomorrow at Corner Hotel YAY.

x x Stace




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