MAN: Equinox

I first heard about MAN THE LABEL last year when I won a rope and metal hexagon bracelet/necklace combination in a competition. I liked how unique everything was, and that the jewellery had a certain personality to it.

I wanted to share with you MAN‘s latest offering, EQUINOX for Spring Summer ’14. It was inspired by the rawness and elegance of the ancient game of Polo, perfect timing with the Spring Racing carnival that just went by! Equinox draws on leather, metal and buffalo stone in this collection. Earthed in clear resin, horse motifs serve as a refreshingly simple marker of the equestrian theme.

True to what MAN’s aesthetic, the pieces are very geometric and there are both fine, delicate chains and rings, but also bolder statement styles. The lookbook images are striking and are a balance between animal instinct and human nature.

I took some time to interview designer Sheila Man, who gives us a little insight into her world.

Tell me a bit about your background and where you grew up.
I was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina and lived there until I was 18. Looking back I see that my parents were very unique, in the sense that they were very open minded, encouraging, and incredibly creative and supportive. If I didn’t have the parents I have, I most certainly wouldn’t be in Australia right now.

How did you begin with the concept of MAN jewellery? What made you choose jewellery design?
I was working for a fashion designer where my role was very business oriented. I felt like I wasn’t feeding my creativity and realised that I needed a creative outlet. So I started making jewellery at home. I’d done jewellery before but never commercially. I used to make jewellery and give it as presents to my friends. But this time it was different, once I started I couldn’t stop and realised that I had a point of difference. That made me think I could create a business from it.

What inspires you in life?
Everything! The beach, travelling, meditation, instagram, art, movies. What doesn’t inspire me! I’m always thinking and creating.

What is your favourite piece from the Spring Summer collection?
I love the MAN Block Ring and the Buffalo and Clear Polo rings and bracelets.

What is your most cherished wardrobe staple?
Uhhh, that’s hard! I’m such a hoarder! I have clothing that I’ve had for 15 years and I can’t get rid of it for sentimental reasons! Saying that, I think the staple that I love the most is a Martin Margiela navy dress that I bought in Japan about 5 years ago. It’s the perfect dress, so classic but so different. It’s the definition of chic.

What does the future hold for MAN?
Only the future will tell!

A beautiful collection and a beautiful designer, I can’t wait to see what she comes up with next season!

Check out MAN THE LABEL on the website!

Happy Monday, hope everyone had a lovely weekend 🙂

x x Stace




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