Country Road S/S ’13

Country Road is one of those stores that every lady (and lots of guys too) will admit to owning a few pieces from. Anyone from the hippest teenage slave-to-trends, to the 30-year-old business woman, to the older or retired lady can find stuff to suit them at CR. I’ve got CR jeans that I’ve worn to death and also a couple of t-shirts, and judging by these pics I will own a little more this summer!

Country Road is full of minimalism, simplicity but also cutting-edge newness and this newest collection is no exception. The clothes are structured and minimal but also trendy and unique. My type of clothes for sure, although sometimes I find it hard to justify full price Country Road as I am a student saving for overseas trips and who eats a whole lot of food for my size 😛

Monochromatic is always clean and professional, and I like the frills, prints and leather thrown in there too!
I guess there’s a few more items now to add to my wish-list (that’s really NOT a good thing) there’s only so much my bank account & wallet can take :S

Anyway toodoloo, happy hump day!

x x Stace




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