21st Wishlist

21st Wishlist

One Teaspoon clothing
$130 – beginningboutique.com.au

Bardot brown skirt
$64 – bardot.com.au

$82 – designerforum.com.au

Sooo my 21st has crept up on me – it’s only two weeks away! Whaaat?! How did this happen? Anyway I’m in a frantic rush to organise my party and outfit and also keep on top of work/uni etc. but yeah that’s why I’ve been blogging a lot less this month. Lame excuse but hey, it’s true.

I thought I’d indulge myself and make a little ‘wishlist’ of things I’m coveting. Most of which are totally out of the price range of a gift, and I’m not even asking for presents this year. BUT it’s always nice to look at pictures of things you want, and it’s really a goal for me to acquire these pretties while trying to save up, since I just bought a car & paid off a trip to Thailand!!! Exciting stuff ahead πŸ™‚

Enjoy & happy Tuesday. Hope yours is better than mine, I’m sick at home from uni trying to catch up on lectures and sleep…

x x Stace




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