Street Style: Couples

I’ve always been a fan of street style – it’s where I find most of my inspiration and people watching is a favourite past-time of mine (shh! not stalkerish at all haha). But recently I discovered the blog TWO KOOLS and now I am obssessed with COUPLES street-style!

Whether you’re co-ordinating jackets, wearing matching shoes or clashing with your other half, I guess you could say that your partner can be your best accessory when out and about πŸ˜›

The reason why I love couple’s street style so much isn’t just because I like the way they match/clash clothes, it’s also the way the two people communicate and connect to each other – when a photographer captures the chemistry between two people I find it so fascinating.

Well I guess this post was pretty relevant seeing as it’s Wednesday – Happy Hump Day!!

Check out TWO KOOLS, which is where I got most of the photos from!

x x Stace

Pic 2, 7, 8 from ASOS Fashion Finder, the rest from TWO KOOLS.


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