Friend Of Mine S/S ’13

Gypset is the name of Friend of Mine‘s newest Spring/Summer collection, taking inspiration from the free spirits and bon vivants that designer Teale Talbot has encountered throughout life. The fusion of the nomadic gypsy wanderer with the sophisticated jet-setter has resulted in a fierce, wearable and fashion-forward collection.

Model Valentina Sykes looks stunning in these shots, with legs for miles and a sultry stare. A contemporary leopard print, deep crystal hues and paisley prints mix with crisp whites and deep navy. I think it’s absolutely beautiful.

No doubt when this full collection drops we’ll be seeing some of the sleek dresses and crisp jackets and drapey tops on many a blogger and celeb. I just want to get my hands on that awesome chunky silver necklace!

What are your thoughts on this collection, and Friend of Mine‘s foray into prints? Their previous collections have all been monochromatic and in block colours, very minimal aesthetic. I think it’s nice to see growth in the label and some new concepts, while stile paired with the typical assymetrical hems and flattering cuts of yesteryear.

x x Stace

Shop and view the collections on the Friend of Mine website 🙂





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