Knots & Knits – interview with Megan Todd

I first encountered the beautiful & talented Megan Todd, behind the fashion label Knots & Knits at the Tom Gunn Melbourne store launch last year! She had a few pretty clutches and bags on display along with the Tom Gunn shoes, and from then I was captivated by the process and ideas that Megan went through to create such unique pieces.

Megan crafts her art using needles as large as tent pegs and high visibility roping, the outcome is a vibrant mélange of colour and raw textures. Recently I’ve been seeing so many of her knitwear accessories floating around the blogosphere & internet, so I thought I’d catch up with her and introduce some of my readers to her wares. Megan was kind enough to agree to be interviewed so here it is – some insight into her life & her label knots&knits 🙂


S: What’s the story behind knots & knits? How did it all start and where did you get your ideas from?

M: Knots & Knits all started, back when I was working in London in mid 2011. I never dreamed I would own my own label, however while I was working for Antipodium, I started to think of all the things I would do if I had my own label. By the time I was working for James Long (amazing knitwear designer), I knew I had to come home and start a business creating knitwear that was essentially me, combined with the concept of creating knitwear for Summer.

S: What is your current inspiration in terms of designing and creating?

M: I draw inspiration from all sorts of sources, it may be in music, or beautiful imagery, or colour and texture combined. At the moment I seem to be doing a lot of reading. I love reading biography’s on incredibly successful people who seem to have the common thread of creating and doing things in the unconventional way in order to make an imprint in this world. I have just finished reading Grace Coddington’s, Grace: A Memoir, and it was a brilliant source of inspiration – it was almost like a select history lesson on fashion editorial and photography from the early 60’s to current. So I found myself researching and googling along the way – digging deeper into the history of fashion and moments that impacted the turn of a new age.

With the actual creating and designing, I think that comes down to me having an idea or vision of new designs, sourcing materials from everywhere I can, and then beginning to play with the concepts I’ve had in my head. Which always evolves into something more. I have to keep bringing myself back to the idea of “functionality” and not stray too far into unwearable territory.

S: What kind of girl is the knots&knits girl?

M: It’s every kind of gal! I have customers who are 13 all the way up to the 70’s. And I love that. I love that my bags do not exclude anyone due to their age, shape or size. They are accessible for all the beautiful women out there, who dare to swing a different kind of bag over their shoulder. I think we are all drawn to texture and uniqueness. I think in a world of increasing fast fashion and mass produced goods, we crave something a little more grounded – something that is hand made in Australia with lot’s of good energy. So I think the Knots & Knits girl, is the one who appreciates that kind of creation.

S: What do you love the most about what you do?

M: I love that I work for myself, and I can spend all day every day completely creating. My world is filled with colour, whether I am knitting neon pink and papaya custom orders, from madly pinning and tumbling beautiful imagery, to choosing roping colours for the new range, I love that my world is filled with so much colour and texture. I think what I love most about what I do, is the complete freedom to be truly me and truly creative, and that people out there actually like it and respond to it. How lucky am I?

S: Do you have a motto or mantra in life?

M: Dream Big – “What you think, you become” (Buddha)
Also – I believe the secret to life is gratitude and happiness.

S: What was the last thing you bought?

M: 4 books online.

S: What are you working on now, and where do you see knots&knits in 5 years time?

M: I am currently wrapping up the existing range, and putting together the new range. Very excited for some fresh energy, with new colours and designs. A lot of sourcing has gone into the new range, so I hope people like it!

5 years? Well it’s only been a year and half and I cannot believe where the label is already, so who knows! Definitely a studio space and some Knots & Knits employee’s, travelling to further corners of the world to source amazing materials, branching into a lot more avenues of ladies (and maybe even men’s) accessories – and of course, still doing custom orders, however turning this into a bigger practice!


What an inspiring lady!! I can only hope to find myself in a place where I can be as creative and fulfilled as Megan is, and I will definitely be watching out for where knots&knits goes in the future!

Megan’s range of quirky, unique and beautiful knitwear accessories can be found on her knots&knits website. Other stockists include Alterior Motif + Molten Store + Rock & Royal.

I’ve promised myself that as soon as I get a full-time job one of the slouch bags such as the green one above will be mine! mine! mine!

Enjoy the pictures and definitely check out Megan’s website as well as her instagram – find her @knotsandknits & also knots&knits on Facebook 🙂

Happy Monday…even though it’s been cold & grey in Melbourne – *sigh*.

x Stace



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