Wedge Sneakers III: Game On!

So I thought after a lady-like and a night time dressy interpretation of my JC wedge sneakers I’d finally get to the ‘sport luxe’ or sporty look that these sneakers were created for.

First things first: what is this ‘sport luxe’ trend popping up? Well my post a while ago about sneakers as fashion-wear was only the beginning. Sports clothing/gym gear is fast becoming much more than just an item of clothing – the line between fitness and fashion is definitely blurring. Women are taking their athletic wear from the treadmill to the street. From bright neon Nike trainers with dresses, to skin-tight compression pants, to sweater dresses, crop tops and even leather trackies! But far from being tomboy-ish and lazy – it’s about being a little feminine about it, and more luxurious, more sleek.

Adidas tank, American Apparel chiffon skirt, Jeffrey Campbell sneakers, Unknown brand headband worn as necklace.

What do you guys think of this look? Obviously if I were to actually go out I’d tone the sportiness down a little – the headband-necklace thing was just a prop and I’d pop a blazer over the top of the tank. Overall I think it’s a pretty basic look and you can mix ‘n’ match pieces too. For me, it’s just a great excuse to feel totally comfortable – no stilettos, no super-tight jeans, no being restricted in button ups or zips or buckles. Just slip on clothes that make you look super-fit and cool 🙂

I’m pretty happy so far with my efforts to keep my wardrobe sustainable, ethical and environmental – the skirt is AA, a sweatshop free brand which has all it’s garments made in LA, and the sneakers I bought secondhand.

By the way, I took these photos in the cold. Yes I did. Am I dedicated or what? Although I was running to and from the camera getting the self-timer right, so I felt pretty warm afterwards haha. And it’s swotvac. The dreaded week of essays due, exam revision and general procrastination. Boo.

x x Stace



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