It’s positively freezing today – once again the bipolar weather is showing its true colours; it can never make up its mind whether to be warm to us or cold. This last week has been the latter. I wake up in the mornings dreading getting out of the covers because Winter is coming.

Despite my fear for the biting cold that penetrates me, there are a few things that save me from it. The main one being my bed – a haven from the chill and a warm wonderful place where I spend most of my time – and books. At the moment I’m stuck into a D.H. Lawrence volume I got as a gift. Reading while snuggled up in bed is just something I tend to do a lot of…it’s like hibernating but better 🙂

Witchery knit, Kmart trackies.

Today I stayed in bed for a long time; well past sunrise. My new Witchery knit, thanks to Justin’ mum, has been a staple for the last couple of weeks. Kmart trackies are surprisingly comfy as well. I think they’re selling for about $12 at the moment so a complete bargain too. Wintry days spent at home require an outfit just like the one above: comfy enough to serve as pyjamas should you want to nap, but also decent enough so that you can open to the door if the postman visits. Which he did today. If you follow my instagram you would have seen the new rock I bought 😉

How has everyone been coping with the cold & what are your ways to combat it?

x x Stace



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