Stussy denim dress, Windsor Smith boots, Sportsgirl necklace & ring.

Two of my go-to pieces: my denim dress – I love love love the pockets and shirt dresses are so easy for uni and lazy days – & my new-ish purchase of the Windsor Smith Envy boots! I know everyone has them…but they are still a worthy buy for me because they are super comfortable and I’ve been eyeing them off for so long! Actually snapped this pair up on eBay for about half the price they are in store. Winner!

I’ve been trying to dress comfy for uni without compromising on style. Hopefully succeeding. Hope everyone had a nice weekend! I sure did I went out to dinner last night with my fam & then went to Highpoint to meet Hi 5 today lol! A friend of a friend is in it 🙂

x x Stace

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