Wedge Sneaker I: Ladylike

Staple the Label crop shirt, MINKPINK floral skirt, Colette necklace, Jeffrey Campbell wedge sneakers.

Have you ever wanted to be taller? …longer legs? …bigger lips? …more toned stomach? Chances are, the answer is yes, whether you like it or not. I, too, sometimes catch myself in the midst of a wishful thinking moment, wondering if I’ll ever have pins like Miranda Kerr. Well, it’s never going to happen. I ain’t gunna grow no more and my body is genetically not ever going to be even vaguely super-model-like. But we can do certain things to “cheat” a little.

I’m starting with these JC red patent wedge sneakers. How incredible are these babies! They make me taller, my legs look longer, and I dunno…I guess I just feel like a Queen in these magnificent beasts. This is yesterday’s outfit & I tried to channel “ladylike”…well it’s about as ladylike as I’ll ever get wearing sneakers anyway. High bun, floral skirt & prim shirt can’t really hide the fact that I’ve never been a girly girl.

The boyf helped me with my blog photos for the first time ever – I was so surprised that he actually wanted to be a part of the blog. Thanks babe! Baby steps I guess…now to get him to wear skinny jeans! HAHA.

It’s surprising how versatile these sneakers really are; stay tuned for part II and III of the sneaker series, and I’m sure these shoes are sure to feature beyond that too.

Weeeeee & yay for new shoes 🙂

BTW I bought the Windsor Smith cut out boots (Balenciaga copies)- if you follow me on Instagram you’d probes have seen. They are apparently a lot more chunky than the real deal BUT chunky is a plus for me – can’t wait to stomp around in them. Will show you guys when they arrive 😀

Happy Thursday guys, and if in Melbourne good luck surviving the heatwave. Looks like Summer isn’t quite ready to let go of the reins yet.

x x Stace


Photos by Justin Caluzzi ♥


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