The old fashion adage “Blue & green can never be seen”? I say nonsense, blue & green are great friends…

Cue shirt, Forever New jeans, Colette chain, Sportsgirl boots & sunnies.

I just realised my collar is flipped up in every one of these photos…fail. Haha. These green pants are a personal fave of mine because they are such a dark shade that actually suits my skintone unlike any other green! The Cue shirt was an investment into a timeless piece & I think it’s time the fashion rules were broken anyway. I’m so happy I can actually put on some Autumnal clothing – haven’t worn jeans in a couple of months now!

Oh yeah & the main reason I thought of green for today is that this year the Pantone Colour of the Year is Emerald Green…hmm not a colour I’ve ever been a fan of, particularly. Since I’m Asian & yellow, anything with a tinge of green makes me look sickly usually. I did want to acknowledge the prettiness of the colour though, but I don’t own any.

SO. ANYWAY. Here are some examples of the fantabulous green I mentioned above:

Yay? Or nay? You decide.

x x Stace



9 thoughts on “BLUE & GREEN

  1. the worst thing is finding something wrong with your outfit like the turned up collar! But I honestly didn't notice it until you pointed it out 😛 Should of just pretended it was intentional ahah


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