This is Fame Agenda‘s collection “Donkey Skin”, which is being released in Australia as a resort collection. The unusual name of this collection is derived from a translation of a 1600s twisted, Cinderella-type fairytale. Designers Monica Lim and Holly Chandra were inspired by the story & its folkloric ideas to create clothing that harks straight from the scene of a Brothers Grimm fable.

The label has commissioned several off-beat, mixed-media works by Melbourne artist Louis Kanzo to support the collection, some of which are seen in the photos below. I think it’s a beautiful concept! 🙂

The references to the fairytales/mythology are subtle, and the result is a collection full of wonders – oceanic prints, metallic and shiny embroidery, quirky shapes juxtaposed with flirty mesh, and oh you can’t forget that goldfish print. It’s so cute yet somehow effortless…and I really wouldn’t mind those goldfish emblazoned pieces. Seriously!

Fame Agenda‘s “Donkey Skin” collection is due in stores this month, so be sure to keep an eye out for these stunning pieces! 🙂

& also – HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR EVERYBODY! It’s officially the Year of the Snake now woooo.
It’s gonna be good, I just know it.

x x Stace

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