Happy New Year my lovers! I know we’re halfway through the month already, but this is my first post of the year 😊!!

Melbourne’s been so hot, I’m so tanned and I have been living in skirts, shorts and dresses. I love maxi dresses because they are so classy and respectable but also fashionable and you can dress them up any which way you want.

Here is how I style my maxi for a trip to the movies…to see Life of Pi hehe. Good movie, the cinematography is so beautiful and moving!

Kenji maxi from Myer, belt from a blog giveaway, Diana Ferrari shoes, Colette necklace.

I’m going to Big Day Out on the 26th of Jan (Australia Day). Still haven’t found an outfit. If its not too hot I’ll consider this dress maybeeeee….what do you guys think?

x x Stace

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