Have you ever wondered what your city would look like if just for one day,
not one person was allowed to wear black – not even one iota?

“Black Out” will be occurring from the 26th November through to the 3rd of December.
For one whole week Mon from Mon-Is-Me Blog has challenged a group of bloggers to ban
black and embrace the beauty of colour.

The challenge will be documented through our blogs, and also social media
(Twitter/FB/Instagram). You can find us by searching the hashtag
#blackout, #anythingbutblack and #banningblack! To check out the other bloggers, click here!! 🙂

I wear shitload of black, so this will be an interesting week for me hmm…
Just so you know, I used to HATE (absolutely detest) pink. So wowz at this post.

Staple the Label high-low tank, Cotton On skirt, Colette chain necklace, Forever New wedges.

Enjoy, and remember to follow me on Facebook & Twitter & Instagram to see my progress!!!!!

x x Stace



10 thoughts on “BLACK OUT • PRINT ON PINK

  1. Good on you for joining the Black Out movement, I would totally do this if I didn't rely on black shoes so much!

    Living in Wellington where black is the unofficial uniform, I couldn't even imagine seeing everyone just wearing colour, it would be odd, that's for sure!


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