I was digging around at my parents’ house the other day and found this cap
in the back of my wardrobe in my old room. Laughed a lot remembering that we
had to wear it during tennis & the girls called it the Wanker cap. LOL.

Anyway I chucked it on my head and snapped a few selfies on the iPad.
Looked pretty cool to me, the W kinda just adds to it.

Been cooking too hence the feta, cherry tomato & baby spinach pizza &
cinnamon pull-apart bread pics. It’s procrastibaking mainly, but the boyf
has been getting into it too which is lovely.

Anyway hope you guys are having a fun-filled weekend & all that jazz 🙂

x x Stace


8 thoughts on “W IS FOR WANKER

  1. Aww you look heaps cute in that cap – I think the W adds to its charm too. Anyway, damn I'm motivated to learn how to cook now – that pizza and pull-apart bread looks absolutely delicious!! Yum xx


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