How incredible does Ms. Jessica Hart look here?!?!
This embellished dress keeps popping up on Tumblr everywhere!
I love Jess’ laidback, effortless look: the tanned skinned and high bun
and cute black boots are just perfect.

This summer I definitely want to be rocking the tanned skin & gotta get
myself a dress like that. Does anyone know what brand it is?

x x Stace

photos by Candice Lake

TUMBLR // INSTAGRAM: @teeandfame


26 thoughts on “JESS HART • EMBELLISHED

  1. Hello beautiful, all right?

    I here again huh, I am part of the fan club who like your blog actually always good post!

    Angel besides thank for're always there in the blog, I would like to ask a favor to you, I'm trying to close a partnership very cool footage for you to do, I need more tanned on the blog page, so enjoy it please help me angel this?

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    @ maahmusic


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