Mister Mode Night Market

On Saturday night, the 25th of August, an inconspicuous cafe became home a hubbub of activity – the very final Mister Mode fashion night market for 2012 was just getting into full swing when I arrived.

It was a night of good food, killer vintage threads, kick-back music & lots of unique, one off and handmade bits & bobs. There were many well-dressed individuals selling their pre-loved designer clothes for a fraction of the cost, and of course lots of eagle-eyed shoppers keen to get a bargain.

I had an awesome time, and I especially loved the feel of the venue Garage Cafe on Berkeley St, Carlton. What a great location! The crowd there was super friendly and there were so many talented people showing their wares including Sevan and Anastasia.

With diverse products from gourmet cupcake stalls and cute as a button earrings to retro boombox speakers and hand-sewn collections of vintage shorts, there was definitely something to suit all people there, whether young or old or trendy or poor!

I brought my camera but only ended up taking a few pictures as I was so distracted by all the pretty things! I came out with a new string & bolt bracelet (I already have one from MAN the label I want to show you soon too) and one of Sevan’s lovely lasercut necklaces (see last pic above).

Congratulations to Tish for an amazing night which appears to have been a great success, and can’t wait til next year when it’s on again 🙂

For more info about Mister Mode, check out their website, like them on Facebook and follow on Twitter!!!

x x Stace

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8 thoughts on “Mister Mode Night Market

  1. You look gorgeous in the last pic!
    The necklace looks amazing on you
    Such a shame I didn't get to see you there – oh well, I'm sure we'll meet some other time 🙂


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