Winter Solstice.

Today: I was meeting a good friend for coffee in Degraves St, she was running heaps late
due to being in London interning for the last 6 months and her body-clock being all whacked up
…ANDDD my train took the city loop. So I took a detour to Melbourne Central 🙂

It was fate.

So I found out that Wittner are having a $100 & under leather boot sale!!!! Hells yeahhhhhh.
I couldn’t resist heading in and hunting down a bargain 😉

Picked up these Wittner ‘Cookie’ ankle boots in Black Pony Hair for $100 and they are
absolutely INCREDIBLE. So comfy, and they look amazeballs. I can’t stop stroking them oh
my god haha that’s creepy isn’t it? Shhhhhhh guys.

After catching up with above-mentioned been-in-London friend (she had so many stories to
tell me!), I saw my lovely muso buddy Cotter who’s living in Tasmania atm. He’s a
singer-songwriter and a saxophone player. I miss him heaps! Here he is, isn’t he cute 🙂

Yep we got caught in the torrential downpour and took selfies of the aftermath…

Sass & Bide military coat
Dotti panelled pants (similar here)
Jeanswest (old) sheer floral shirt (similar here)
Beginning Boutique silver neckplate
Tony Bianco boots (similar here)

Hope everyone’s been staying warm because it’s FREEEEEZING in Melbourne atm! Brrr.

Oh and how did everyone go with VOSN? I did have $800+ combined in all my carts for all
the different online shops…but luckily I had the self restraint to empty my cart
and the only place that took my $$$ was Sportsgirl. Love you Sportsgirl!

x x Stace



20 thoughts on “Winter Solstice.

  1. Love your new boots!
    They were really decently priced too
    How crappy has the weather been lately? So annoying 😦
    Loving your outfit – the jacket is adorable and perfect for the shitty weather we've been having haha


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