Ksubi, along with a gajillion other of my fave brands, are holding a sale!
Here are my picks from the Ksubi sale, available both in-store & online πŸ™‚

Twill Jacket.

Love the leopard print panels on this!

Leather Skirt.

This baby is tough yet sexy – leather + leopard is a great combo!

Panelled Zip Blazer.

Flannel, leopard print, chambray and khaki twill? Self-explanatorily amazeballs.

Long-sleeve Knit Jumper.

Perfection in a grey knit with boxy cut-out at the front πŸ™‚

These items would be welcomed into my Winter wardrobe, seriously. I did
tentatively make June a no-new-clothes month…but sales adasafsgfhsdhsg!!

Went shopping with mama bear today and bought her a Decjuba scarf and Metalicus
cardigan on sale – so that was lovely. Somehow managed to resist buying
anything for myself so I’m pretty damn proud!

Hope everyone’s had a good long weekend if you’re in Australia – it was the
Queen’s Birthday weekend and I think most people had yesterday off, lucky ducks!
(I did too & celebrated two lovely people’s bdays so I am a lucky duck!)

x x Stace



8 thoughts on “SALE: KSUBI (THE WAR IS OVER)

  1. That sweater is my favourite! Need it in my closet so bad. I keep wanting to buy fall clothes in the humid heat baddd habit because I know it'll be quite a while before I can actually get to wear them


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