Let’s take a shortcut.

Just some weekend hair-inspiration – I’ve been seeing this chopped blunt cut everywhere on the blogosphere recently!
Since my hair has grown out from it’s chop to about this length, I’ve been wondering how to style it. Don’t you find this length just so sexy and beautiful? But maybe it’s just about the babes who rock it haha.

Thinking I’m gonna keep my hair this short and not grow it. Thoughts?

x x Stace

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source: viktor vauthier/stopitrightnow/tfs/tumblr

21 thoughts on “Let’s take a shortcut.

  1. I love shoulder length hair on others, but I never know what to do with it when it's mine! haha.

    Mines at that annoying stage just past shoulder length and it feels like I can't do anything with it. Trying to grow it longer and getting impatient πŸ˜‰


  2. I”m so torn about hair length. I think I will always want long hair. I went through a period where I wanted to be Tegan and Sara so I had my hair cut short, but now I'm aching for it to grow back. My hair is presently shoulder length, although it looks nothing as cool yours or those stunning models!


  3. yesssss this style is torturing me right now!!!
    as if my last post wasn't obvious BUT this is brilliant, beautiful selection!
    thoughhhh it would suit you something amazing dear Xxxx


  4. I really like this style!! I had it for quite a while and think it always look kinda good even if it's really messy.

    Guys will never understand girls. I always get asked why do I buy so much makeup when I've only got one face -.-“”



  5. Omg i can never get over how good Alexa Chung (and her hair) looks!!!!

    I don't think i could ever cut my hair short though… or have a straight fringe. Bad memories of having a bowl cut as a child (up until year 8 omg LOL)


  6. I love this style on other girls and my hair is a similar length but I'm starting to miss my super long hair 😦 it was definitely a nice change though, you should go for it! x


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  8. I really really really want to cut my hair lately – just below the shoulders I think, but it is such a huge decision! My hair has been long since mid-high school, I just don't think I'm brave enough to make the cut! But you should absolutely do it!


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