Orange ya glad?

I know, the title of this post is lame. But I had to use the word orange somewhere, as this outfit is in honor of Pantone’s 2012 Colour of the Year, Tangerine Tango.

I’ll admit, at first I was like dude I’m gonna look like an orange, but heck I’m 19 and I’m allowed to experiment with fashion right? Anyway the subtle brown-orangey patterns on the kimono soften the glare of the bright pants.

One Teaspoon havenstock kimono, Kmart panelled singlet, Valleygirl cuffed pants, Mum’s totes hippie belt, Tony Bianco leather clogs.

One Teaspoon kimonos are actually the best thing. I feel kinda like a cross between a stylish superhero in a print cape and a Japanese princess who fell into a pot of dip-dye. It’s so light and breezy, plus it blows around in the wind and it covers my shoulders which means I avoid looking like a lobster when I go out in the sun.

Anyway. Loving my “tangerine” pants as well. Grabbed the last pair on sale at Valleygirl for $14.95, winner! They’re a little too big but having my pants fall down is totally worth having these tailored, perfectly crinkled cheapies in my wardrobe :’)

Hope everyone had a good January, the first month of this year has literally flown by. Big Day Out pics coming in the next few days I hope! Getting them scanned and edited and such as soon as I post this post. Wew, it was SUCH a good day and I saw so many good bands!!! I kinda wish I’d brought a digital camera so I could take more pics, but ah well I have the memories in here *points to head* and -cheesy grin-

Orangely Yours,
x x x Stace ♥



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