beginning boutique: it’s beachin’!

Beginning Boutique has just launched their second Spring lookbook entitled It’s Beachin’, and boy does it make me wanna hit the sand and the surf. Soooo good. Seriously the bright block colours, bare legs, sparkles, baggy tees/tanks and naturally voluminous hair makes me yearn for those carefree Summer days we haven’t had so far!!
Let’s hope the weather heats up for us in Melbourne, and soon. I wanna get beachin’!

ALSO: Beginning Boutique is giving away a $500, yes $500 It Girl wardrobe!!
Don’t forget to “like” B.Boutique on Facebook to enter this amazing competition!! Too good.




46 thoughts on “beginning boutique: it’s beachin’!

  1. thanks for the comment darl! i'm proud of you for having the balls to wear high waisted bikinis..i seriously wish i was braver! haha.

    Love your blog by the way, totally following you now!




  2. that is very close to what i'd call the perfect bikini. i hope you have many happy non-sunburnt days at the beach with it. thanks for your kind words btw, following also 🙂



  3. I know i saw these pictures before, but I guess it wasn't on your blog, cause I think I commented on them. I really like the styling in the photos though.
    BUT I LOVE that you got that bikini! I want one like that sooo bad 🙂 I want a really high-waisted one. But probably here everyone would think I'm crazy. But I love it, so its probably reason enough.

    And I'm pretty much lovin' the fact that you want a manatee. I can just imagine mine all squished up and happy living my bathtub. Sometimes I'd have to pour water on his back, cause the water wouldn't reach there. OHHH i love them so much!


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